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"Problems worthy of attack
prove their worth
by hitting back." - Piet Hein

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Saturday, November 22, 2003


Well now. It appears that blogger is doing something amusing with multibyte characters, or something. Or perhaps I'm doing something wrong with encodings/charsets. !$^#^%$#%^&#,!!!!11one!

Oh, sweet. I've learned how to write in Japanese in Windows XP. It's really really cool, but highlights just how pathetic my �ɂق� skills are (�킽���͓�{�ꂪ�킩��܂���?B)?@... Also, turning on Japanese language input crashes Mozilla-based browsers very reliably. I don't know wtf is their problem. But all in all, being able to type in such bon mots as �킽���̓o�J�ł��� blows up the coolness barometer. Hurray!

Oh, and if any of you other pasty white boys ever wondered if Japanese is fun to learn, wonder no more: It's a whole lot of fun. It's also quite challenging, but not horrifically so, and it's a wonderful change of pace from math and physics classes. And yeah, you'll have to deal with a class 60%+ full of anime freaks, but that's really not so bad - they don't bite, much. And at least so far, on the JAPN101 level, it seems that while the language actually has grammar rules that it follows, unlike some languages I could name...

I wonder if this next means what I want it to mean (namely "watasi wa nihongo ga hotondo wakarimasen" - I understand almost no japanese). I'm playing with XP's auto-kanji conversion thingy, at least the nihongo conversion looks right, in that I've seen nihongo written as ��{�� before. Trouble is that I'm taking JAPN101 right now, and in my school's program we don't start learning kanji until JAPN102. Bummer, eh?