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"Problems worthy of attack
prove their worth
by hitting back." - Piet Hein

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Saturday, August 17, 2002

Humor time!* First, you owe it to youself to carefully read this opinion piece from America's Finest News Source, The Onion**. Next, you should take a very careful look at this scan of an interestingly tasteful advertisment for a personal lubricant (it's from France, which explains everything). Also, you may be amused to know that when I took a gander at my referrer logs the other day, I discovered that one of the most common search engine queries used to find this page was ... wait for it ... "hairy balls".

There is a reason for this, and it isn't that this site is secretely a gay pr0n repository that Google has discovered and outed thanks to their PigeonRank technology. No. That's not it at all. Really. You have to believe me! Ahem. See, some time ago, I wrote a blog entry which made reference to hairy balls. It did so at considerable length, and contained many repetitions of the phrase "hairy balls". It also contained a few instances of the word "cheerleaders". Well, apparently this was enough to propel my humble blog onto the third page of Google's links to web sites where one can find hairy balls, in the illustrious and colourful company of alternatively-oriented pr0n sites.

This, I think, is hilarious in and of itself. It's even more funny (but also a little sad) that the people who have come to my site in a desperate search for hairy balls (they went all the way to the third page of search results!) must be terribly dissapointed. To see why, you'll have to go and read that old post.

In other news, I think I have sorted out the archives, so old posts should now be findable. Also, I've written a little more about 'point set surfaces', so that's getting close to being posted. Neck-n-neck, however, is a tale of my struggles with 'Hodge star operators', whatever the hell they are. I dunno which will get posted first, but it's probably one of those two -- the other stuff I listed out earlier is a bit further off.

Oh, and I forgot to complain about this last week, but the geese and ducks that live in the park where I sometimes drag myself to jog (well, ok, waddle is perhaps a better description) have absolutely no respect for me. They diss me all the time. For one thing, the geese take their sweet time getting off the foot paths so I can get past, and they hiss and beat their wings threateningly as they do. Bastards. And both they and the geese routinely moon me as I run past while they are swimming about in the lake. No respect whatsoever. There was a wonderfully fitting snippet of rap lyrics that I wanted to put in here (something about those who diss homies getting caps in their asses***) that I can't quite remember. Darn.

* -- This is much like Hammer Time, but not quite as rocking, and without MC Hammer in da house. Which is, I think you'll have to agree, a good thing. You don't want MC Hammer in your house.

** -- And no, for the record, I've never even thought about the anatomical details of certain famous Star Wars characters until I read that Onion article. Also, as for any long-time reader of the Onion, the combination of "Onion" and "penis" are for me indelibly associated with this this classicOnion article.

*** -- Oh lord almighty. If Google thought this site contains interesting material concerning "hairy balls" before, it's going to be even more certain of it now. Good thing I haven't yet thought of a way to use goats, sheep, or other exciting barnyard animals for metaphors yet! I mean, just look through the potential keywords scatered throughout this entry... I swear, it's not intentional!


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