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"Problems worthy of attack
prove their worth
by hitting back." - Piet Hein

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Sunday, June 09, 2002

So, I went to the park this afternoon for a jog. I didn't jog very far. Now, it wasn't because it was unexpectedly humid, or because I'm a weak-legged, out of shape wuss (though both are, to some degree, true). Actually, it was because of the fat people.

There was a totally surreal concentration of truly spheroidal persons in my favorite park today. It was as if there was some kind of oversize person convention (which isn't actually as outlandish as it sounds - this park is often the site of various parties and gatherings). Now, it's not as if I have some kind of debilitating physical reaction to the sight of profoundly rotund indivuals jiggling around a park that stops me from running. What actually infuriated me enough to cut my run short was that these same oversize persons decided to go for a walk, en masse, along the forest path which winds around the lake. Along with a large number of highly energetic little children. And this was a problem because somehow the vast majority of them had no concept of manners whatsoever. They blocked the narrow trail with their girths (and I mean that fucking literally!), and did not even attempt to allow me to pass. They merely trundled along like rhinos that know they always have the right of way, langurously blinking their eyes at me, forcing me to go off-road, into god knows what types of poison-ivy, every fucking minute, on average. Of course, the ones that brough their kids along were even worse, because the kids formed a kind of highly energetic stupidity-and-no-manners cloud around their elders, making even attempts to get past them by going off into the bushes with the rabid squirrels very difficult. After fifteen minutes of this shit, I turned around, went back to my car, and drove home. Grr. Really, I can sympathise about hormone problems, insatiable appetites for Big Macs, and the desire to replenish the Earth with your spawn, but for the love of Chthulhu, is it so hard to get some manners and at least make an attempt to allow faster-moving foot-traffic to pass on narrow paths?

That's the rant for tonight. Sincere apologies to anyone it offends.


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