...Prove Their Worth...

"Problems worthy of attack
prove their worth
by hitting back." - Piet Hein

A kind of running diary and rambling pieces on my struggles with assorted books, classes, and other things, as they happen. You must be pretty bored to be reading this...

Saturday, June 01, 2002

Oh good lord. There's something called a 'Fourier-Wiener transform'. On a terribly juvenile level, that's hilarious (I wonder if people forced to say that still pronounce Fourier as 'Furry-yer"?).

Also, apparently blog entries are 'supposed to' contain links to other blogs. Fuck that. I try to link to reasonably reputable and useful sources of info, when I do create links, and some fucktard's ravings on the latest political scandal or a math problem they are too stupid to solve are hardly 'reputable and useful' sources of information. Lord knows anyone who links to this blog for anything other than entertainment is nuts.


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