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"Problems worthy of attack
prove their worth
by hitting back." - Piet Hein

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Tuesday, June 04, 2002

I just thought I'd note that it's rather annoying that Blogger doesn't really work too well with mozilla 1.0rc3.

Also, the latest Onion is pure comedy gold. A sample quote from an article about the recent announcement by the National Science Federation of the discovery that "Science is hard":

"Quantum physics has always been a particularly tough branch of science," UCLA physicist Dr. Hideki Watanabe said. "But in addition to being some of the smartest Einstein-y stuff around, it is undeniably a really stupid, pointless thing to study, something you could never actually use in the real world. This paradoxical dual state may one day lead to a new understanding of physics as a way to confuse and bore people."

As I said, comedy gold.

Also, some day I might write a polemical devil's advocate essay, complete with such unusual things as references and carefully framed arguments, regarding assorted 'copyright protection' laws being pushed by the entertainment industry, the half-hearted resistance to this legislation by hardware corporations, and the apparent (and, if one thinks about it, entirely understanble) lack of opposition from software companies to the legislation. If one hears of any reaction by software corporations to current copyright topics at all, it's effectively cheerful support of the legislation. (See: Microsoft.) Of course, techie outrage tends to be directed more towards the entertainment lobby, rather than the software industry. Not very surprising, given that many techies are employed by said software industry, like getting paid, and also like free movies and music.

But 'some day' is not today, and the above incoherent and unsupported babble doesn't qualify as an essay.


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